Introduction : This document will provide you with the information on the details / icons we find on the left side corner of the page.

  • Towards the left side of the page - you will be able to see the string of options as shown below.

➢ Let’s see the first option from the list - Invite Teammates.

  • This option helps us to add more teammates to the list for the campaign.

➢ You will be re-directed to the page where you can start adding the users to the campaign as shown below :

  • This is also the same option which is available on Settings>>Users & Teams>>Users (as shown in the below screenshot).

  • To add team members for the campaigns click on “ADD TEAM MEMBER”

  • There will be an pop up on the page to fill up the team member’s information as shown below :

  • Once you “ADD” the team member the name and the details updated by you will show up on the list as shown below :

  • There are a lot of admin settings for the user.

  1. Role - You can add / edit the role of the user based on the designations.

  2. Account status - You can keep it active / inactive based on the requirement.

  3. Availability - You can always keep the ON or OFF for the campaign based on the attendance / shifts.

  4. Action - Edit options and also you can Delete the particular line.

➢ Next option is the question mark option showing up under invite teammates.

  • This option will allow us to search options.

  1. Search our Help Center - will be taken to our help documents.

  • Once you click on the option you will be guided to our help page.

2. We have the next option which is “Check out Limecall’s Status”.

  1. This option allows you to view the status of Lime Call - If the website is operational or has any maintenance.

  2. This option will help you to get to know if our system is working fine.

  3. Once you click on the option - “Check out Limecall’s Status” you will be taken to the below page to view the status.

4. Each color has been segregated with the options so we can differentiate.

5. In this screenshot, all the sites are operational from our side.

6. You can just move the mouse cursor on the green thread so it would give an update as to what happened in the 90 days.

7. This screenshot is green which means no issues with Website / API / Widget or App.

3. The last option which we can look at is “Submit a Feedback”.

4. Next option is the “Notification”.

➢ Any Notifications with regards to the account will be sent here and you can view it by clicking on the notification button.

5. The last option in the list is “Profile settings”.

➢ When you click on the last option from the left hand side corner, which is a human symbol. You will be able to set up your profile.

➢ Let’s see how we can do this?

➢ We have various options on the list. In the blow section, each and every item from the above list will be elaborated and we can see how to utilize them as per the requirement.

  • My Booking Page - This option will help you guys in booking meetings for the demo.

  • You can also view the step by step information of how you can schedule a meeting for "Live Demo Sessions"

  • Edit Profile & Manage Account - You will be guided to the profile section as shown below and you can update your information.

  • Manage Working Hours - You will be directed to a page where you can set up your working hours.

  • Call Forwarding : This link will be directed to the below visible page where you can update all the call related information here.

  • Notifications : This option will lead you to the below page to set up the required notifications.

Logout : To Logout from the account. Click on the Log Out option as shown below.

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