Who pays for the phone calls? If my user calls from the widget, will he/she be included in minute billing?

The phone calls are charged from your monthly credits for the calls. So there will not be any additional charges to you or the user.

  • Free Plan: 10 Calls/Month

  • Pro Plan: 100 Calls/Month

  • Advanced Plan: 300 Calls/Month

  • Enterprise Plan: Custom

The maximum duration of the call is 5 minutes on the Free plan and 10 minutes on the paid plan. Once it reached the maximum duration, the call will be disconnected automatically. You can call the customer back using the Recall option.

Once the call is initiated, it will be automatically connected to the user and the backend agent. If any one of them did not attend the call, it will not be counted as a call. Also, if the call is below 5 seconds, it will not be counted as a call. So in both cases, your credits will not be deducted.

If you have any other queries, please contact us using the Live Chat option in our website or using support@limecall.com.

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