LimeCall is an advanced lead generation platform that helps you turn visitors into qualified leads.

It is a callback solution that enables you to set up a widget on your website, mobile app or any digital platform which visitors can use to instantly connect with your team without hassles and disruptions.

  • LimeCall permits your team to schedule calls with potential prospects.

  • You can integrate the software with your calendar app like Google Calendar so your team won’t miss any important appointments and follow-up activities.

  • Getting up and running with LimeCall takes 9 simple steps.

  • We’ll get you set up with your LimeCall Widget, all you need to do is embed the LimeCall JavaScript snippet to your existing cancel button, manage notifications, and connect to your favorite apps.

  • Start from step one and keep going, or skip to any section below.

  1. Call Forwarding

  2. Install Widget

  3. Invite A Team Member

  4. Configure Notifications

  5. Set Personal Working Hours

  6. Set Business Hours

  7. Personalize Your Widget

  8. Integrate Your Calendar

1. Call Forwarding

This step let's you configure how calls can be forwarded.

  • Limecall offers you the opportunity to purchase or choose a number that you want your prospects to view when you call them.

  • For instance, if you are calling prospects in London from India, you can can do so using a number which showcases that you're currently calling from London.

  • At LimeCall, You can add/update the forwarding numbers, a forwarding number is a number on which you would like to receive the calls.

  • Buying a number is an optional feature.

  • To do this go to LimeCall Homepage >> Settings >> Personal >> Call Forwarding and Click on Call Setting

    Watch our each step of our Quick Tutorial HERE

2. Install Your Widget

Install the LimeCall Widget on your website in just a few clicks with 3 Simple Steps of your choice and receive more inbound sales calls.

To do this go to LimeCall Homepage>>Settings>>Installation and copy the code.

Watch our each step of our Quick Tutorial HERE

To do this go to LimeCall Homepage>> Settings >> Installation and Click on the WordPress icon.

To do this go to LimeCall Homepage >> Settings >> Installation and Click on the Code and copy.

Setting up LimeCall is very simple.

All you need to do is to place your individual ”Installation Code” (JavaScript) on your website.

We recommend placing the code before the closing tag </body>.

Here is the step-by-step guide to Install through Javascript

Watch our each step of our Quick Tutorial HERE

3. Invite A Team Member

  • You can easily invite users or team members into your account, assign individuals to roles or specific teams.

  • Simply enter their details and send an invite.

4. Configure Notifications

Alerts help keep you in the loop whenever a customer triggers events on the LimeCall Page.

  • Receive alerts via email, sms, web browser and Inapp, configure them in the Settings menu.

  • To do this go to LimeCall Homepage>> Settings >> Profile Setting

  • You can set up push notifications if you want to get notified as soon as one of your teammates mentions you or assigns you a deal.

Watch our each step of our Quick Tutorial HERE

5. Personal Working Hours

  • Once the Installation of a widget is done, set the your working hours and timezone for your widget and agents Individually

  • Follow settings/personal/working_hours

  • Set your regular working hours

  • Plan holidays or scheduled time away

  • Plan individual breaks into your working days

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6. Business Hours

  • These are the Business hours of the Company.

  • We can set working hours for the widget, so the widget will only be shown for the configured working hours.

  • For the ease of use, we have different ranges (All days, Monday-Friday, Monday-Thursday, Saturday-Sunday, etc) that can be directly used to set the working hours.

  • Click on the “Widgets” option and you will be able to see the above page.

  • You will be able to see the option “Set Your Business Hours” and you can turn on the button - “Set your company’s business hours to let your customers know about your availability” from Grey to Blue.

  • Set office hours during which your team are available.

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7. Personalize Your Widget

  • If you want to change how your widget looks or where it is placed on your website, this is the section you should explore.

  • To do this go to Style Your Widget

  • Personal your customer facing text, colours and style to reflect your site and brand.

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8. Integrate Your Calendar

You can integrate your calendar in 3 easy clicks, syncing calls and appointments instantly.

  • Select Add Calendar

  • Your Google Account Page will open.

  • Sign in to your preferred account

  • Select the permission Allow.

  • Your calendar will be automatically synced. Additional configurations include 'check for conflicts' and 'add to calendar'.

Watch our each step of our Quick Tutorial HERE


You're all set up, if you need assistance with any step within the checklist, contact us via our live chat where our support team will assist or watch each 1 minutes video on our LimeCall Getting Starting Started YouTube Channel HERE

Welcome to LimeCall!

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