Either you're planning summer vacations or a winter break in your office, you may want to disable the callback option from the widget. You can do this globally for the entire company, or locally for specific users.

1 . Setting holidays for the entire company

If you want to display the widget in scheduling mode for the duration of your absence, you can do this in Settings >> Working hours >> Add holiday >> Pick the dates and save. Your customers will be able to see the widget on your page and schedule a call for when you're back. Here's a quick tutorial on how to do that:

2. Setting holidays for specific users

If some of your consultants are unavailable to answer calls for a few days, and you don't want the callbacks to be forwarded to them during that period, you can set personal holidays for each user. You can do this in user settings, go to: Users >> Edit user >> Holidays >> Pick the dates and save. It should look like this:

3. Setting 12 hours or 24 hours time-format in Scheduled Calls

You may choose the Time Format in 24 Hr Clock or 12 Hr Clock.

You may access via Settings > Widget Settings > Time Format

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