Limecall can help your brand today to increase lead conversions much higher.  

With a convenient solution like Limecall, make the job of your agents easy with the checklist details provided below.

Follow the instructions listed below and get started to convert leads quicker and more efficiently.

With this guide you’ll get to know how to use the LimeCall widget to provide the best support possible for your customers.

1. Account Login

Once your manager adds you as a LimeCall agent, you can start using LimeCall to make and receive calls.

You can use your LimeCall login credentials to log in.

Log in to your account by filling in your email and setting a password!

2. Profile Setting

a . Setup your Profile

Here you can add your profile picture, company name, and company logo

You may access it via Profile Setting > Profile

b. Change your Password

Here you can update you password

You may access it via Profile Settings > Password

c. Setup your Business Hours

Here you can update a few settings:

  1. Update your business hours, you can let people know what time you are working and what time you are available for taking calls.

  2. Update your Time Zone

  3. Sync your Google Calendar account with Limecall

  4. Update days off

You may access it via Profile Setting > Business Hours

You may access it via Profile Setting > Business Hours > Days Off

3 .Associate correct role (Agent/Call Operator)

4. Associated the agent to respective team (For eg. a new agent is associated to the Sales Team)

5. Added the agent profile with all the details like Languages, Skills, Territory

6. Setup your Forwarding Numbers

You can add/update the forwarding numbers from here, forwarding number is a number on which you would like to receive the calls. Also you can enable the option to Receive calls in Browser from here.

You may access it via Profile Settings > My Forwarding Numbers

7. Assign a specific number to the agent, make sure you have done it from the Numbers module

8. Setup your Notifications

Here you can make sure that the agent has enabled all the required notifications from profile settings

You may access it via Profile Settings > Notification

09 . Make sure the agent has synced his Google calendar account with Limecall

10. Sync to Slack Channel

Here you can make sure that the agents are included in the slack channel to receive Slack notifications.

You may access it via Go to Settings > Integrations

By conducting the above-mentioned list, your agents will be able to manage lead activities without any issues.

Happy lead conversions!

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