Limecall can help your brand today to increase lead conversions much higher.  

With a convenient solution like Limecall, make the job of your agents easy with the checklist details provided below.

Follow the instructions listed below and get started to convert leads quicker and more efficiently.

With this guide you’ll get to know how to use the LimeCall widget to provide the best support possible for your customers.

LimeCall Website -

Step 1 : Click on the “SIGNUP FREE” option showing on the first page of the website.

Step 2 : This is the Signup page and we also provide a 14 days trial period to our privileged customers.

Step 3 : You can “SIGN UP WITH GOOGLE” using your gmail account information.

  • Once you click on the option you will be able to see your registered gmail email addresses, select the appropriate one based on your requirement.

Step 4 : If we do not have a Gmail - Email Address we have the next option available to access our LimeCall account.

  • Just update the required information and click on “CREATE ACCOUNT”.

Now we can start with setting up the required information based on the company requirements.

Step 5 : Quick Setup

  1. Lead information : We can start updating the information picking up from the list as shown below :

  • Now you can start filling the questions with the drop down for each one of the questions.

  • After updating the information, click on “CONTINUE” to go to the next page.

  1. Setup Call routing : Update the phone number which you need to start receiving calls from your leads.

  • Verify the phone number with the OTP received on the phone number updated on the website.

  • Once the verification is completed click on Next - Let’s personalize the page.

  1. Select the Theme of how the Widget page should look like. We have 3 different options shown below :

  • Classic : Click on the drop down and select Classic if you would like this one to show up on your page.

  • You can see the preview on the right side as shown in the screenshot below :

  • Smart : This option has very few details and can start the call immediately.

  • Modern : The customers can directly click on “Talk to us now” or “Call me back” options immediately.

  • It's time to select the color as shown below select the color or you can also add the number whichever best suits as per your requirement.

  • Next, update the name of the “Company Name” and the “Welcome Message” which would be visible with the Widget and click on “NEXT

  1. Let's start with Installation - click on the arrows to see the drop down and how to install with Java, Wordpress, GTM - Google Tag Manager.

  1. Go Live : We have now completed the initial set up and now you are ready to go.

  • Click on “GO TO DASHBOARD” next and you can start seeing the LimeCall Home page.

  • To know more details you can also “BOOK A DEMO” or you can also go “BACK”.

  • Or alternatively - You can also “Invite Teammates” which will take you to the page to set up the Teammates.

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