1. With Zapier integration, LimeCall integrates with your CRM system, Google sheets or Slack.

  2. Zapier moves info between LimeCall and your web apps automatically.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to integrate LimeCall with Zapier:

Step 1 : Log in to Zapier and click on Make a Zap

Step 2: In the pop-up window, choose Webhooks by Zapier

Step 3: Next, select Choose Trigger Event – Catch hook, and press Continue

Step 4 : In the open window, copy the generated Webhook URL and go to the API integration – WebHooks section in your LimeCall Profile.

Insert the generated URL in the “Enter the URL” field and click the Save Changes

Step 5 : Return to Zapier and press Continue

Step 6: In the Find Data section, press Test&Continue

Step 7: Make an outgoing call via LimeCall

Step 8: In field “2. Do this…”,  specify the event that should occur when the webhook is received.

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