Introduction : This document provides step-by-step information of the components on the Limecall Dashboard and also how you can set up.

This is how your LimeCall homepage looks like this as soon as you complete the initial set up after logging in.

First thing on the page is the “Upgrade” Option.

  • As you have purchased a 14 days trial period - the account will be disabled on the 15th day after the creation.

  • You can play around on the website and start building it based on your requirements.

  • If you think the setup is working fine - Just click on the Upgrade now or Upgrade option and you can start the paid version of LimeCall.

  • Next on the page we can see an option - “YOU HAVE GOT 0 PHONE NUMBERS.”

  • Once you click on “ADD NUMBER” you will be directed to the below page, on this page you can buy local or toll-free numbers based on your country.

  • Click on the link - "Incoming Calls" to see step by step information on how to buy incoming numbers.

  • You can also see an option to request for a Live Demo session.

  • Once you click on the “REQUEST DEMO” option you will be taken to a page where you can schedule the session.

  • You can click on the link - "Schedule a demo" to find the step by step information of how you can schedule a training session.

  • On the homepage you can also view a snapshot of the Calls and Meetings.

  • We also can scroll down a little bit to see the Call Report snapshot.

  • You also have an option to view a chart with days as shown below :

  • We also have a snapshot view with Performance Report and also with our Knowledge Base to help you with any FAQs and troubleshooting answers.

  • On the Right Hand side you can see an option with the tick marks.

  • Just hover your mouse to that option and it will show a list of options where you can see the “Get Started Checklist” for you to show the completion status.

  • As of now it is showing as 0% as we have just logged in and we need to set up these options.

On the Left side we see a string of options available - Just hover the mouse on each option to see the below list.

● Leads : You will be able to make changes / edits on the Lead section.

● Widgets : You can also set up the Widgets section.

● Numbers : View and edit the changes for the incoming numbers.

● Settings : You can make changes on the settings section.

Also we have 3 more options on the Left Hand side corner.

  • Invite Teammates : This option will re-direct to adding the team mates to your account.

  • Notifications : You will receive notifications for your account on this section.

  • Profile : You can edit your complete profile in this section.

This is a detailed explanation of the Homepage.

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