Prerequisite :

  • The duration of the demo call would be 20 Mins.

  • This demo session is free.

  • You can use the demo call option both before subscribing for LimeCall or after.

  1. Let’s see how we can schedule a demo call before subscribing for LimeCall.

    1. On our website we have an option where you can schedule yourself for a demo.

    2. Click on Resources > Product demo.

    3. You will be taken to the Schedule a time page which is mentioned on the page below.

2. After logging in to the account, you also have the option to Request for a Live Demo session.

➢ On the homepage you will be able to see the option to “Request Demo.

Click on this option and then follow the rest of the instruction below :

➢ Once you click on the “REQUEST DEMO” option you will be taken to a page where you can schedule the session.

➢ The Meeting duration will be 20 Minutes and then select the best time which works for you with the appropriate time zone.

➢ Finally, you can confirm the meeting with your contact information and click Confirm.

Once you confirm the meeting you will receive a confirmation to your email.

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