Introduction : This document provides step-by-step information on look into the step-by-step information on the Leads.

Click on the phone symbol to view the “Leads” page as shown below.

Leads report : You will be able to view a snapshot for all the leads including Missed and Failed calls in a Bar Graph view.

➢ Now on the Leads page, the first thing we can see is the Call.

➢ We will be able to see all the leads with filters available on the screen.

➢ You can also divide and view the leads by All / Unassigned / Pending / Qualified by clicking on the options marked in red below :

➢ You can also select the filters based on your requirements.

➢ Just click on the option shown below and you can edit the filters based on requirements.

➢ We also have an option of choosing from the selections equals / not equal to / starts with and add a Query and click on the magnifying glasses to Search the Query you have added.

➢ Also you can view the list of items either newest first or oldest first, the system will arrange it based on your selection.

➢ Next, you can also view the same kind of reports for the “Messages”.

Use the filters options the same way you used for Call.

➢ We also have a third option where we can view the reports for MEETINGS.

Use the filters options the same way you used for Call.

➢ Having a set of information on your customer during the call is valuable for every call representative.

➢ You can update the details on the leads and keep them saved - by activating the below options.

➢ Go to Widgets>>Style your widgets

➢ Click on the arrow mark on Web Call as shown below and you can update the details.

➢ Turn on the options Name and Email for the Web Call.

➢ You can also do the same with “Call me Back” / “Call me Later”/ “Leave Message” - turn on the Name and Email options for all of them.

➢ Please click on the link to visit our blog about the Lead Distribution - Lead Distribution – A Complete Guide

➢ Webpage on Lead Qualification - Lead Qualification

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